Guide on QR code and Generic Link
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    Guide on QR code and Generic Link

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    Article Summary

    Whenever a survey is launched in CultureMonkey, a unique link is generated for each participant, and the same is mailed to them as part of the survey launch or reminder mail. Apart from the unique link, you can also send a generic link and QR code to the participants. You can incorporate this generic link or QR into your overall internal communication strategy to increase survey participation.

    Who can use this feature?
    Available to super admins, not available to sub-admins and managers.

    The generic link or QR code is unique to each survey and is available for all custom and lifecycle surveys. This feature is available only for the surveys that are currently launched. Only participants who are a part of that particular survey will be able to respond through this link.

    Step 1: Log in to CultureMonkey and go to the Custom section from the left panel.

    Step 2: Select the survey for which you need the generic link or QR code. Please ensure that the status of the survey is running.

    Opening the survey(1)

    Step 3: When you open the survey, you will be taken to the Questions tab. Beside the Questions tab, you can also find the Participants and Share tab. Open the Share tab.

    Step 4: If you scroll down on the Share tab, you can find the generic link as well as the QR code for that survey.

    Please feel free to reach out to for any further details on this feature.