Export: Reports on Managers
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    Export: Reports on Managers

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    Article Summary

    Who can use this feature?
    Available to all super admins, not available to sub-admins and managers. 

    CultureMonkey offers downloadable reports with respect to managers as follows:

    • Invitation status
    • Action Progress
    • Total Reports
    1. Go the Managers page in your CultureMonkey account.

      Go to managers
    2.  You can find the Export option, on the top right corner of the page.

    3. Click on the Export drop-down to see the downloadable report options.

    Invitation Status

    Invitation Status report gives the list of managers and their invitation status - Invite sent/not sent and Invite accepted/not accepted. Please note that managers with less than 3 total reports will also be listed on this report.

    For a more details on the reports, you can refer to this article.

    Action Progress

    This report is the export of the status of the action plans which were created by/assigned to the managers. The list will also include collaborators of the action plans.

    Total Reports

    This report will give you the list of managers along with their number of direct/indirect reports. Please note that only managers with at least 3/3+ reports are eligible for the manager access.