Sub-admin and Manager Functionalities
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    Sub-admin and Manager Functionalities

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    Article Summary

    The functionalities available for a sub-admin and a manager are very similar.

    Sub admin access

    While making an employee a sub admin on CultureMonkey, you would be required to select the teams, locations or business units they can accessible.

    Sub-admins can send perform few operations similar to the super-admin but only within the teams/locations that are mapped under them.

    Manager access

    Managers can send perform operations only within their reports(both direct and indirect).

    Both the sub-admins and managers can do the following tasks for the team/location/reports under them:

    • Create surveys and launch surveys
    • View the reports and analytics of the survey results
    • Create necessary actions based on the survey results.
    • Analyse and create actions for the feedback, if enabled.

    Survey Creation

    There are two ways to create surveys in CultureMonkey:

    Accessing the Reports

    All the reports corresponding to the assigned team/location /reports under the sub-admins and managers can be accessed and analyzed.

    Action Creation

    Actions can be created for any low score receiving questions, drivers or for any feedback received by the sub-admins and managers under the action module.

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