Types of Surveys in CultureMonkey
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    Types of Surveys in CultureMonkey

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    Article Summary

    CultureMonkey enables organisations to listen to the employee using three different types of surveys. 

    • Custom surveys
    • Pulse surveys
    • Lifecycle surveys

    Custom surveys

    If you are planning for ad-hoc surveys, then custom surveys is the right option for you. This survey type is best suited for all engagement related surveys, any employee feedback survey, department surveys, etc. There are two ways using which you can launch custom surveys.

    Launch custom surveys using templates 

    CultureMonkey offers a repository of survey templates based on different themes. You can use the existing templates to launch surveys in an instant. Apart from the existing templates, you can also create your own templates. But it only makes sense to create your own survey template, if you are planning to use the template again and again.

    Launch custom survey from scratch

    If none of the survey templates suit your need and it doesn't make sense to create a custom template as you might not use the template repeatedly, you can create and launch the survey from scratch using the create a survey feature under custom page.

    Pulse Survey

    In general, pulse survey means a dip-check(survey/listening intervention) at given point of time to check the pulse of the organisation. Pulse surveys in CultureMonkey are short surveys and enables you to get quick feedback, measure better and take faster actions.

    Pulse surveys:

    • are mini surveys which contains just one question and a feedback box
    • are sent on a shorter frequency(usually on weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis) than traditional surveys
    • are not bound to measure specific topics or content.

    For more details, you can reach to support@culturemonkey.io

    Lifecycle Surveys

    Lifecycle surveys enables organisations to measure and track employee engagement across different stages of an employee life cycle, right from the onboarding phase until their exit phase.

    The Lifecycle surveys are automated to go out as and when the employee reaches each milestone.

    For more details on Lifecycle module, reach to support@culturemonkey.io